About Us

tom-crispTom & Gina have been conducting tours to Grassau, Germany for the past 15 years. They are familiar with the area, speak the language and can show you local places of interest that most tourists miss. Tom started organizing tours and calling while stationed with the Canadians near Baden Baden in 1968. He served over 14 years of his Air Force career in Germany. Gina comes from the small Bavarian village of Koenigsdorf just south of Munich. Tom & Gina met in 1962 at a New Year’s Eve party in Bad Toelz, Germany and were married in the Post Chapel two yeas later. She worked in the restaurant business since a teenager. Now both retired, Tom enjoys tinkering around their 10 acre horse ranch while Gina especially enjoys flowers, watering, walks and grandbabies.


tom1Tom has three sisters, one brother, two half sisters, one half brother, four grand children and his first wife. He was raised in Altadena, California and later worked his way through high school on a dairy farm in Auburn, Washington. He joined the USAF shortly after high school and has been retired since 1986 after 26 years of service… you do the math. Tom enjoys staying busy. He enjoys calling square dances and has a full-time job with his live-in partner – Gina, on a 10 acre self-care horse ranch. Tom likes his New Holland four-wheel-drive loader tractor with cruise control… it’s a guy thing. Tom takes great pleasure in organizing and conducting guided tours Germany, but hates the paperwork and despises doing taxes. He loves good music, particularly the old time stuff. He gets excited when he hears live traditional and Dixieland jazz. His favorite instrument is the banjo and loves a tuba in the band and of course the clarinet. (What else is left?) He thrills to the harmonic sounds of a trombone, coronet and saxophone. He enjoys dating his wife, square dancing, computers, fixing things, German food, traditional music and hefeweizen from the tap. He values good friends, honesty and a solid handshake from one that looks you square in the eye.  So,- Prost! 

About Gina

gina3Gina grew up in a small village south of Munich. She is now retired after working in the restaurant business for over 40 years. Gina now manages a self-care horse 10 acre ranch in Tucson, Arizona with the assistance of her handyman husband and one other part-time employee. Gina caters to people and is always the main organizer and the life of a successful party. She’s a model wife, stylish dresser, magnificent cook, great homemaker. She stays in close contact with her friends and a regular German/American Club volunteer. She’s a devoted Oma (Grandmother) four times over. Gina is afraid of risks and doesn’t like being recognized. She directs tasks need to keep the grounds in top shape on the ranch. Gina likes to party, hates being photographed, love flowers, aware of not getting younger – goes to the gym regularly, enjoys gardening, likes stylish clothes, dislikes receiving gifts, and adores babies. She instantly recognizes good or bad character. She likes owls, her chickens, king snakes, small animals, other people’s horses, babies, and loves to water. Gina keeps her live-in business partner straight and is the real behind the curtain manager of Crisp Tours. She is very generous, always gives more than she receives. If she had it all her way, she would have given everything away long ago.