Travel Tips

Travel Tips & Check List

Germany/Austria Tour

Travel Tips:

Below are some suggested on items to bring, and helpful travel tips and reminders.

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Print a copy of the short trip itinerary to bring along.  Also check out the long day-to-day itinerary.

Here are some Travel Suggestions & Reminders of what to bring:

Horseshoe neck pillow & sleep mask for the flight. Motion sickness pills if needed.

Laptop computer for DVD movies, good book and playing cards.  The hotel has wireless internet service.  There is a small fee for access.

There are no Laundromat facilities in the village of Grassau, and sending out laundry is very expensive. If you forget or need something in the way of clothing, you can usually find what you want in the local shops.

Packing::  When packing, put one day’s clothing in your travel companion’s suitcase and vice versa, just in case any of your bags are delayed.  Put a picture page copy of your passport,and the name of the Grassau hotel in each luggage piece.  Include your home address & phone number.  Travel light and casual.  Plan for layers rather than heavy coats.  Each international traveler is normally permitted to check the first checked bag for free, the second will cost approximately $70 and the third is $200.  Therefore, we suggest only one normal size suitcase to be checked. If you are worried about size and weight of your checked luggage, it’s probably too big or heavy.  Don’t over pack your bags. Checked luggage heaver than 50 lbs will cost you a hefty surcharge. Click on FAQs for more travel suggestions and packing tips.

Limit the size and weight of your carry-on bags.  Remember that you will have to drag all your carry-on bags to connecting flights.  Carry-on bag too large for the overhead storage compartments will need to be checked  Also, if there is no longer space left in the overhead compartments, your carry-on bags will have to be checked.  You might then have to claim your carry-on bags at connecting flights, etc. Your carry-on bag or backpack must fit into the overhead compartment. Normally carry-on bags can not be larger than 22 x 18 x 10 inches max. You may also take a purse, laptop case or briefcase.

The overseas flights aren’t all that bad – you can walk around, stretch, do in-place exercises, Here are some suggestions to kill time: Bring a good book to read, watch a movie, visit or just relax or sleep if you can. Bring a laptop or tablet to watch your own movies.  Most long haul flight have individual monitors with free movies.

Alcohol drinks are sometimes free with overseas flights.  We suggest you refrain from drinking too much alcohol or you could have a harder time adjusting with jet lag.  Drink plenty of fluids and try to get plenty of rest before and during the trip. Consider a bone or horseshoe pillow for your neck during the flight. A sleep mask might also help you sleep. There are some who wear a surgical mask who might be sensitive to germs in a closed environment.  Some folks like to take along their own head phones and or their personal ipod or mp3 player pass the time.

Your first day after arriving in Munich starts early after a long overseas flight.  Please don’t take things too serious.  Be patient, relax and enjoy the travel experience. Just let things happen. You will be settled in and having a good time.

Bring along at least two major credit cards (Master Card or Visa) for special purchases and for cash from banks or the ATMs. American Express has restricted use and Discover is unheard of.

Be sure you have already successfully used your four digit PIN to check your balance on an ATM before traveling.  You can pay for most large items using your credit card and many shops will ship your purchase home.

Be aware that most credit cards charge a 2% or more foreign exchange fee.  There are credit cards with no foreign exchange fees.  For example, Capital One does not charge foreign exchange fees.  There is always an currency exchange fee to change dollars to Euros.and back.

Provide family and friends with the hotel fax number from the states, 011-49-8641-1881 which is also listed on the back of the tour brochure. Because of the time difference, you can receive your fax message during the night and have it brought to you at breakfast the next morning.


In addition to your regular clothing, here are some reminders of what to bring:

Airline tickets or copy of your e-ticket with the airline location number.  Arrive at least 2 – 2.5 hours before your departure.  Don’t forget your passport and one government ID (driver’s license).  Sign up for frequent flier mileage.  Check on your seat assignments all the way to Munich. Do the same on your return flights. Ask for wheelchair assistance if needed to get between flights.

Passports and Government Issued Picture ID

Major Credit Cards – two each just in case your PIN number doesn’t work on one of them.

If you are renting a car, bring a copy of the Car Rental Reservations,  Also a GPS loaded for Europe.  GPS devices can also be rented with the car.

Extra Eye Glasses and Sun Glasses

Personal Prescriptions and/or Medication. German doctors can usually fill your prescription with an equivalent medication.  Senior gents, do forget your Viagra Tabs – you’re on vacation.

Stool softener tablets and/or laxatives. Constipation can occur with diet, environmental and time changes. Don’t let things back up.  Take care of business before or as soon as you feel the need.

Cough drops, throat lozenges (Also available in German drugstores)

Vitamin “C” or other cold prevention remedies.  Note: Vitamin C is very helpful in preventing colds due to temperature and environmental changes.

Motion sickness pills if needed for airline flights.

Hairdryer or curling iron that can be used with both 110 & 220 volts.  (Note: You can pick up a 220 volt hairdryer or curling iron in Grassau for about $20.)

Electric razor of which can be switch from 110 to 220 volts. (Note: Cordless razors can be plugged directly into 220 volts.  All that is required is an adapter for plugging a 110 volt plug into a 220 volt outlet.

220 volt adapter plug for 110 volt electrical cord.  Check with Radio Shack or electrical outlet store for this item.  This can also be ordered from Amazon on line.for $0.12 + $2.98 shipping.

Laptop computers have internal batteries which need to be charged with a small transformer. These battery can usually be plugged into either 110 or 220 volts. Check the manufactures’ specifications first. Plug adapters that allows you to plug into a 220 volt outlet with a 110 volt cord can be found online, in travels stores, Radio Shack or Best Buy.

You probably won’t need a 220 voltage to 110 voltage converter unless you are bring a specific appliance that is needed, i.e., personal breathing device.

Consider bringing wrinkle free clothes – no ironing required.

Camera with extra batteries and film or memory sticks. Cord to download pictures from your camera to your laptop.

Small amount of Euros ordered from your bank to hold you over until you can exchange money at a local bank. Usually the 1st day.

Cash in US Dollars.  (Suggest $500 – $800 cash per person)

Traveler’s checks for emergency cash for backup only. (German banks charge a fee for cashing traveler’s checks.  If not needed, cash them back at your bank at home for free.  Cash advance on your credit card at the ATM or bank will usually suffice.

Major telephone calling card or access number, i.e., AT&T, Sprint, Qwest, etc., Have the telephone access numbers for calling home from Germany.  Learn how to reverse the charges to hour home numbers for calls from Germany.

You can arrange to have your cell phone activated for overseas before you travel. Calls can be expensive depending on your telephone plan..

Bring a copy of your Family & Friends Address Lists for post cards (prepared computer mailing labels with address are handy to have) along with important phone, fax numbers and e-mail addresses.  Be sure your laptop has your favorite e-mail addresses installed as well as important address and phone numbers you may need before departure.

Light Jacket and Sweater.  Think layers rather than heavy coats.

For the Square Dancers:  Long sleeve western Shirt for the guys and a Prairie or Squaw Dress for the gals.  Square dance dresses with full petticoats are not required or recommended.

Dinner jacket & tie is not required for the Salzburg Dinner Concert.  We will touring Salzburg during the day with no chance to change clothes before the evening concert.

Small fold up umbrella. These can be purchased in Grassau and elsewhere..

Washcloth and a bar your favorite of soap. Germans use a mitten for a washcloth and these are considered personal items.  Hotel soaps are tiny for one time use.

Small container of your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

Small container (100 ml) of liquid soap for washing small amount of clothes or underwear in your hotel sink.

TSA Note: 3-1-1 for carry-ons = 3.4 ounce (100 ml) bottle or less (by volume) ; 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. One-quart bag per person limits the total liquid volume each traveler can bring.

Extra wire hangers.

Battery operated travel alarm clock. (The hotel does not provide alarm clocks nor wake-up calls.)

CDs of your favorite music to share on the bus.

Copy of your favorite “clean” jokes to share over the mike on the bus.

Your diary or pad to make notes.

Make a copy of the address and phone number of our hotel.  Hotel Sperrer, Obenburger Str. 8 83224 Grassau.  Tel: o8641-2011  (From US 011-49-8641-2011)  Remember to tell your family and friends that Germany is a 6 – 9 hours ahead.

List of passengers and your ticket information/airline schedule

Village of Grassau – Information on the village we will be staying and things to do around town.

Hotel Sperrer – Our hotel

Dip-n-Divers – German square dance club homepage. Lots of information here.



1. Thou shalt not expect to find things as thou hast them at home, for thou hast left thy home to find things different.
2. Thou shalt not take anything too seriously, for a carefree mind is the beginning of a vacation.
3. Thou shalt not let the other tourist get on thy nerves, for thou art paying out good money to have a good time.
4. Remember thy passport so that thou knowest where it is at all times, for a man without a passport is a man without a country.
5. Blessed is the person who can make change in any language, for lo, he shall not be cheated.
6. Blessed is the person who can say “thank you” in any language – and it shall be worth more to him than tips.
7. Thou shalt not worry. He that worrieth hath no pleasure – and few things are ever are ever fatal.
8. Thou shalt not judge the people of a country by one person with whom thou hast had trouble.
9. Thou shalt when in Rome do somewhat as the Romans do; if in difficulty, thou shalt use thy American common sense and friendliness.
10. Remember thou art a guest in every land – and he that treateth his host will respect shall be treated as an honored guest.