We 3 + 4 All-Star Jazz Tour - September 23 - October 7, 2008

Bavarian Jazz Traveler Photos

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Mozart Street Players

Gina and Kay


Launch Site



Grassau from the Hochplatte

Grassau from the Hochplatte

Ingrid & Janet

Jeff & JoAnn Hayes

Was it that cold?

We 3+ 4 All-Star Jazz Band

Joint Concert in the Town Hall

Smiling Eddie performs

Beautiful Scenery

Beutiful Landscape

At the Pizza House

Mozart Dinner Concert

Salzburg Dinner Concert

St. Peters Zeller

Mozart Concet Performers

Spinich Pizza

Most Photographed Church

At the Schapps Tasting Tour

Walking Tour in Salzburg

Salzburg Walking Tour


Schnapps Tasting Tour

Sepp explains about schnapps

Skilift to the Hochplate
From the Skilift

Teacher's Groove Big Band

Grassau Teacher's Groove

We 3 + 4 All-Stars

VSJB Trumpet & Drums